Sunday, February 15, 2009

A V-Day with Friends, Fish and 'Dev D'

Most of the my friends( 2 out of very few i have) were requesting to had fish at my place. Which they or rather than I think that i am good (non vegetarian) cook. It was long due from my side also and it has been long time since I have prepared anything specially non vegetarian stuff at my place. I have a cook which do all the daily cooking but simply I love cooking and i didn't want to miss this fun loving exercise and also since long i had invited any one of my friends. So I invited them (Anand and Ankur with their wife) to have lunch at my place on Saturday 14Th Feb at 14:14 PM-2hrs. when I send a mail on Thursday with attached photograph and time mentioned as above they thought that I am inviting them only and 2.14 for 2 hrs and i have some other plan in the evening . But in reality to give the creative touch I wrote mail like that and invited them at 12:14 PM and I came to know only about this misinterpretation when they had planned to come at my place at 2:14 PM.
So my preparation started at late Friday evening as my room was dirty like hell and and it was difficult for anyone to stay for more than 10 min beside me. My Kaamwali disappeared after working 3 days taking 100 bucks 3 weeks back) . I started cleaning exercise which went on till midnight and some how I was able to make my room look good in my opinion only, Also I was able to buy grocery and other kitchen stuffs with Beer and Wine late Friday night.
I got up as usual 6:00 AM in the morning went straight to gym had longer than usual session as it was Saturday and after finishing i went straight to Madiwala market to get some fish. I bargained some prices and was able to get somewhat fresh looking two Rohu at 75/- per kg, of total weight around 3.5 kg and and after cutting and cleaning I proceeded straight to my place.
The most complicated and important and part of preparing fish is cleaning and i don't trust anyone so did it myself thoroughly and slowly till all my satisfaction. As i was midway tap water suddenly dried. This was very unusual and as there is 24hrs supply in this apartment and this happened when i require it most. I went down running ground floor but there it water was coming so i went to first floor to check and found out that one tenant was fixing AquaGuard and water would resume in 10 minutes. I finished fish cleaning and enquire friends about their whereabouts. My cook had already come and I told him to cut some radish, cucumber and onion for salad. Besides normal fish fry that i used to had generally this time i wanted to try some different stuff with curd. I prepared some ginger garlic and onion tomato paste in grinder and mixed it with fish and curd and put in my fry pan with some oil and left it on slow heat to get it brown. By this time Anand has arrived. I must say I was very much satisfied by this new recipe and it was excellent by everyone opinion. Ankur was also their by 14:14 and we started having all of items (Exactly 4 types fish items) with some beer and wine. it was excellent and show went on till 5:30 when we finished our lunch with fish curry and rice.
During this discussion we though of watching movie and and Ankur wife enquire about show timing and availability and luckily we were able to book 5 tickets in 5 minutes. This multiplex is just 15 minute drive from my place and we reached there by 6:30 went to ticket counter got this ticket since show timing was at 7:30 and since we were left with some time we went to 'Home Town' exclusive show room for home interiors and furniture. Since didn't have anything to buy i was only concentrating on other customers and behavior. We came back on time entered in the hall......
The movie DEV D... its based on the classical Devadas story in modern context. and i am not going to review it here and write story about it here. the best part of it was the song 'Emotional Atyachaar' and i simply love this song. and first time in Bangalore during course of this song saw crowd whistling and shouting.. I personally enjoyed this movie specially for being different, more practical and bold.. and all of ourselves must had faced those certain moments in our lives where we find ourselves very close to Devdas character. Its different how mush distant we walked exactly...
The movie was over by 10 PM we went to 'Punjabi Tadka' near by restaurant close by theatre and although i was not much hungry. the palace was crowed but we got the table in 5 minutes and the dinner was over by 11 pm Anand dropped me at my place close to midnight..
Thus my (V)day was over I must say it was very exciting and full of fun...

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