Tuesday, March 03, 2009

At breakfast....

I conceptualize it on breakfast table this morning as i found myself in some different kind of feelings...

One more day and time seems too long
Now my imagination is more real and strong

Many days and nights have passed
Since you have crossed my path

Far away in between some times
When I look at your eyes, your smile

I don't know why I feel lost in those moment
Although its too short but I feel most vibrant

It hurts to look at you from a distance
But I am too weak to resist and break silence

And I find myself looking at you
Keep on searching excuses few

The pain of not knowing you,
How many ways should i argue

My Suffering for not being with you
You can also understand it too

One day will ever come
When you, only for me...

Will Take just one step towards me
And that will be my most valuable key

Will smile from your heart for me again
That day things will not be same then

Because for me that will be heaven
Forever my destiny will be beaten

(© Rakesh Kumar March 2009)

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