Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dedicated to my 'Papa'

This poem is dedicated to my Papa. I wrote it only for him. He carried me further than what i had ever realized. These few lines below are too little to consider....

You carried me further than what I had realized
Gave me your valuable experience, guidance and advised

You gave me best what you could ever provide
You brought me to smile whenever I had cried

I remember the days when we used to play
Whether its Carom, Football or Hockey

You used to be back and I as goal keeper
With you in my team I used to feel braver

Or you as defense and I as forward attacker
I was able to write many victorious chapter

Your words of encouragement lifted me upbeat
Some times it was harsh and sometimes sweet

I was a rough, blunt, naughty and rude
I was a child with most difficult attitude

You are the reason what I am today
I was lucky to have your words to obey

You are behind my every laugh and success
You always gave me best things in life to access

Like a coconut hard outside and soft inside
There so many things I want here to describe

You were the father and not a friend
That why my bad ways could amend

Now I have grown with thinking of my own
But I am still walking on the path you shown

The distance you covered always inspired
I found you in my life the most admired

Now I feel sad seeing you grown old
I want to play with you hockey once again

You have been a hero and will always remain
Seeing you as old I feel deep inside pain

There is so much for you to see and share
When I reach on top I want you to be there.

Papa, you carried me further than what I had realized
There are so many things I still needed to be apprised

(© Rakesh Kumar, March 2009)

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