Sunday, March 15, 2009

A trip to Nilgiris Mountains, Ooty

Finally I was able to made I trip to down to south there so many places to visit near by Bangalore and even after it has been four month since I took my car I have not made any significant trip. So this time when opportunity came knocking on my door and I didn't wanted to missed it. It was one of my colleague marriage and I decided to go. After lot of discussion when and how to go and how many people were supposed to go finally two of my colleague accompanied me. I decided not take to my car as was feeling less confident abut driving on the hills so we hired a cab. We started mid night on Friday and left Bangalore around 12:30 midnight. It was tough for me awaking sitting beside driver seat but generally I sleep around 1:00 AM so it was OK for me. Within no time we touched Mysore road. On the way we stopped for tea.

Few line I created while listening to song was
The song was ek aadhi padhi novel

Door dekhi hai ek ladki khadi( I have seen a girl at a distance)

Per lagti hai hai wo mujhi sey badi ( but she seems elder to me)

So we were having lot of fun.

The Bangalore Mysore highway is very good for driving. We entered in Mysore around 2:30 only because some black cat crossed our path. and my driver wanted some one to cross before we could proceed. Now who is coming to cross us at 2:30 AM in the night. Any way before someone could come we started clicking some snaps. Finally a car came and we started again. We left the Mysore and now surrounding was deserted. And the road was also pretty bad with big holes and looks like were traveling on moon surface. Also whether started to become bit colder. We stopped for tea as I started felling sleeping and I could sense strain on my driver eyes also. We stopped at small hotel and this area was a small place at 4:30. There were other buses and people were also standing and taking teas. We had tea and some cookies the air had become suddenly very cold and I felt like shivering out side cab I had only T shit and shots. After getting fresh we started and we war passing Bandipur jungle although it was bit dark but I could sense standing trees. My driver asked one of colleagues which way to go I don’t know what he replied but he took the left turn and I could see dangerous curvaceous elevated road. The road were only wide that I there is no way for incoming vehicle and was impossible to over take. we stopped to a check post and after some verification we started again. Now light has started coming and I could see things properly out side window. Than path was dangerous narrow and some places it was pin bend curve with 30% elevation. It was very cold and foggy I could see surrounding hill and high trees. The sun has started coming and it was beautiful to see sun coming behind far away mountains. Surrounding was calm with sense of mystery. After some photo shoot we preceded further to heights. The road was elevated and even though it was bright sunshine but wind was chilling and I was almost shivering. We entered Ooty and driver went to check post and we started playing with camera. Finally we reached to booty city and our destination Queen Residency it was around 7:30AM. The residency was surrounded by hill and located on the slope of a hill. There were beautiful scenic hills and tea farms on the opposite slope of mountain in front of my room. I was awake whole night so I crashed to bed as soon as I entered in the room.

I got up around 11 AM took bath and after getting refreshed we reached to a hotel for lunch around 12 o clock. It was early for hotel to serve lunch but he agreed if we could wait 10 minute. The lunch was not very exciting but liked the fish. We proceeded to Ooty Botanical Garden. Nilgiris mountain are well know for their herbs and tea estate and this botanical garden was on the hill slope with lots of herb plants and old trees basically its forest area but surrounded by walls for general public. We tried to reach to highest point in the garden did some photography stuff . The beauty of this garden was thick trunk tress. Seems like they were hundred years old.

We spent their around 2-3 hours and we proceed to Doodabetta hill. This is the highest peek point in the south India as it was written. It was around 20 km on hills we reached there had some photo, some ice cream from this highest point we can see all the surrounding area houses on the hills and teas gardens.

There I noticed one newly married couple in conversation......

“Ok sit on that stone I want to take one more better." said husband to his newly married wife. "Now smile" said husband.

Now wife was had taken some snaps and while taking camera from her...

"Kosis ye karo ki haat bukul na hile photo lete wqat" ( try to keep your hand still while clicking) said husband..

"Haan ji main kosis karungi" ( yes ji I wiil try") said wife.

"Tume ne pani bottel utha liya.."( have you taken water bottle) asked husband.

" haan ji" replied wife

That was really sweet but the same time for me too polite and courteous... I wish they remain like this forever not only in their honey moon ....

Any way we came back down and on the way I visited a tea estate and had some tea. taste was obviously different.
We proceeded to Rose Garden it was written on the gate that we were entering in the best rose garden in the world, only to found not even a single rose in the garden. It happens only in India. Really without even a single rose it was best rose garden in the world.

It was 4:30 and was getting cold I could feel cold wind in my bones when we reached to booty lake. We took a four setter boat and went for some boating. Looked like there was some problem with boar liver it could only turn left. Any way after 1 hrs of boating we managed to come on the lake side. We spent there some time to enjoys sunset.

The evening was colder than we had expected. We decided to hang out there in some bar as there was no point in going back to hotel. We reached to Cheering point enquired about some bar and restaurant but could not found any one after roaming for 2 hours. We decided to go back to hotel took some food and drink.... We got some drink and food returned to hotel. Last time I saw the watch was 11:45 when I finished my drink and crashed to bed.

I got up early in the morning sun had still not come out and it was cold and windy outside. I wake up my friends and took bath. We got ready by 7:45 and upon inquiring we had come to know that the place for marriage was 25 km on other side of mountains. I was thinking that marriage was some where in city only. Any way we started and we took the Doddabeta hill route for few kms and reached to Kadaambty the surrounding hills were full of tea garden and were cleaner fresh and green. We reached to marriage place in 1 hour and after waling km on to top of mountain the house was almost on top of the hill there was another mountain on opposite side and both were parallel and the sight was amazing. Imaging getting up in the morning and finding a hill in front of you...

The marriage ceremony was over by 1PM and after lunch we started back this time we took the different route the road was good and distance was shorter.. we stopped for some tea on the hill we reached the market at 2 pm We did some shopping I brought different type of tea and chocolates Ooty is famous for its tea, herbs and home made chocolates. We reached hotel and cheeked out around 3:30 we started back to Bangalore. This time we took the proper road and this road bit easy to drive only some sharp curve we stopped few places for photo shoot and sight seeing and also shooting spot. I did some horse riding. Once we got down we traveled around 30 km in Bandipur national park jungle and it was getting evening we saw few wild animal like peacock dear monkey etc.. While coming back we stopped at Mysore for dinner at 10 PM. There was nothing much to write in return trip we reached 12:45 am at my room in Bangalore.

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