Tuesday, March 03, 2009

An usual day and Pink Panther2

The day started with different feeling and emotion this morning and i wouldn't ask question why. it has to go like this and be like this and that's it. We went for team outing today, it was long time since we went together we were planning since long and finally we were able to manage and do it. I took my team members in car to Forum where we had lunch in 'Sahib Singh Sultan', food was awesome and ambiance was excellent. After that we went to watch Pink Panther 2. It was funny and hilarious with our own Ashwariya Rai in caste. Clouseau is cocky, stiff and oddly predictable and other actors have little to do. Any way i had good time during movie. We came back in late afternoon/evening.

Today i finished my dance classes and it looks like there is lot of gap to cover. I am unhappy with my learning and progress on that front.

It has been around 1.5 month time since i started playing Badminton again ( after 10 years) in HSR club here, thanks to to my product manager. I play 2-3 time per week in the night. I must say i am satisfy with my progress and my game has improved a lot. but still i have to fine tune my game and there is lot of scope of improvement. I have not lost even a single set in last 2 weeks and nearly 10 consecutive set wins. Hurrah....

Among all the puzzles i am currently trying to solve one is Rubik's Cube. I am still having difficult time to solve it completely. last night i did some mathematical analysis and googling and result was shocking. i will let know once solve it completely. Its seems my mind is not the same what it used to be.

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