Sunday, March 15, 2009

About Indian TV News Channels

Now a days watching News, specially Indian TV news channels is about polluting and corrupting our mind. Its similar to being under influence of certain drug where you feel extreme emotions. I can't believe standard of television media and journalism has gone to such a low level in India. Now a days news items are like Amir khan birthday and how many gift he had received since morning or Kareena kiss on Saif neck or running commentary about no. of hours four year old Prince had spent fighting for life in bore well after he had fallen and some breaking headlines are Lalu's daughter's intimate friendship with friend who drowned in well two days back, Ten SMSes of Fiza received from her lover minister or what Benzir Bhutto like about India after her death and now since she has died she is most liberal Pakistani leader and depicted as martyr and a loss to India. I doubt whether this beautiful anchor who was debating her death as great sacrifice has an element of brain in his head and has she ever spent few minute reading at least few pages of her autobiography 'Daughter of East' and the amount of hate about India expressed there.
Now a days media is talking about its liberation and freedom but are the news channel are really free by themselves. Are not they bound by several interests. Isn't journalism now a days is pure business and truth and facts are molded in different shape and sizes just to gain cheap TRP rating. Are they producing really truth? Isn't this sacred profession has lost its meaning and not polluted. Are these channels are mirrors of the society? Are they really trying to bring common man problem and depict things as they are? Answer to all these question according to me is big NO.
Are the news produced is free from commercial interest and are not they produced keeping a certain audience and interest in mind? How can they say their journalism/profession is about truth and its ethical. They have already bounded by so many mean interests and the ultimate things coming to us is anything but the truth. I don't understand what kind of ethics these journalist follows. They must have taken oath at the end of their education/degree. Do they really have any limit beyond which they they think that they should not cross into some one's personal space. Do they have any idea what to telecast and what not. They think they are the most powerful and can serve any thing they want in people rooms and poison someone mind with all baseless stuffs. Slowly I have drifted from these news channel and i feel watching them is wasting my time and energy both. I don't know is there any criteria or categories under which these news channels news falls. Calling what these channels are telecasting news is a big joke. Sometimes I feel that these news are more interesting than a typical Bollywood movie and their news produced contains twist and emotions of typical Saas Bahu serial.

For me watching news in childhood was getting closer to truth adopting a scientific way of thinking and practices life breaking away with old age bondage, practices and blind faiths. It was about enhancing my general knowledge. Knowing what is happening in the world and current affairs. Are these news channels now are meeting any one of these purpose. I still remember that 8:40 night news sound on DD1 when I used to stopped my study and start my dinner and those 20 minute of news was more than sufficient to know each and everything about world, India and i never needed a news paper during those days. It was mandatory for me to watch daily otherwise a big lecture and set of questions from my father were ready on the importance of knowing current affairs and GK. Those 20 minute has definitely help me get aware about thing happening from parliament to the world and those were logical, verified and based on the scientific facts. Of course i was not aware about which actor was having affair with whom during those days and for interested one 'Filmi Kaliyan' type magazines were always there. I was not..

Now a days there are lot of news channel each for business, entertainment and for life style and even for city specific too.. but the poor quality of content and news reporting and different way of misrepresentation of fact does only harm to society. My personal perception about these channel are below..

AAj Tak/Headlines today: This channel started the concept of 24 hr news channel in India. it produces the news item like snake chasing an man, Akshay affair with Denise Richards, since how many hours Saif is waiting for kareena or Manyata mental status when Sanjay Dutt was being taken to Pune jail. I cant count the no of time this channel declared End of world on specific date. Thank god i didn't believed them and didnt do any thing crazy. Their news ranges from Vedic books to all astrological prediction to current status of all Saas Bahu serials and they also know which shot Sehwag or Sachin should play or not. I don't know whether people reporting such news item really believe in these things. It seems sole purpose of this channel is spread unvalidated and unscientific fact create blind faith, worries and create fear among kids and common men. Looks like they are serving news to stone age old civilization and their sole purpose is to take India in 17th centuries. Most of time i feel terrified or excited while watching their news.

NDTV 24X7, INDIA: This channel thinks that they are very elite and intellect and we as audience are fool and dumb and only sleeping creature. We as audience don't have any logical or analytical mind. This channel sole purpose is wake up us. Since they think are intellect they have very right to discuss and debate every thing happening in the society whether it kids thrown by a techie father in Chennai or assassination of Benzir Bhutto or any XYZ movie. Everything requires national level debate and discussion. All problem can be resoled by discussing them on table only. What is happening in Pakistan is more important to them than india and everything happening there should be debated here. Looks like i don't have anything to do. They think discussing and debating will solve every problem of society no need to do anything. The sole purpose of this channel seems to just to create national level debate and discussion. They think even a each every incident require national level discussion. Also they are the only who bother about things we don't have mind to think. we are just passie spectator.

TIMES NOW: They will take even one occurrence of a incident and project it like its happening in whole country. They Project each news items are happening all over india and its affecting everyone. Things like gay, lesbian relationship, live-in relationship, premarital sex, divorce, drug abuse etc are happening all over India and affecting each common individual whether he is sitting in Mumbai or in my remote village which still require electricity and drinking water. They think all over India these things are followed and require immediate attention. i have not seen any one reporting from remote area on this channel. also they are more interested in raisng/asking question rather than analyzing and finding ans. All they have is unanswered questions.

STAR NEWS: Before it became fully Hindi this channel used to have some respect and standards but now its pathetic and confused. They don't know what is news and what should they produce as news. It does not know whether to target metro audience are village audience. which area domain it should concentrate. Their new is just a kind of hotch-potch. Seems like now days they are on Aajtak path. Also it looks like they lack chairs as I see most of its news reader always standing and walking.

CNN IBN: They always track developing story as they say most of time. which never develops .They present news with lot of passion and urgency, looks like things are happening so fast and with in second news item will lost its importance or their news reader have to catch train. or they have to go on date More than readers I see guest in their studio more often. Only good thing I found is movie review on this channel but hate 'Really tough move quiz'.

Others channels don't deserve mention here. Daily there is one more news channel to fill your channel slot. God helps us...

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